Exhibition itinerary


The itinerary begins with a system of hanging fabric screens across which flash giant reproductions of autographed Ferré fashion drawings. They introduce the visitor to the universe present in each design project by the fashion house.


Large photographic installations (x-ray simulations) display the structural shape and material substance of the garment, highlighting the textures and the very soul of the shirt.


For the first time a technical representation of this kind is used as a key to understand the process behind the main element of a fashion exhibition


The second room is the main area of the exhibition. There are twenty-seven white shirts, a stunning sequence of sartorial masterpieces, bearing silent witness to twenty years of absolutely ingenious and peerless creativity. 


Exhibited as sculptures, the shirts are bathed in light that highlights volumes with striking sculptural effects. 


Arranged along the sides of the room are many pertinent materials on loan from the Ferré Foundation Archive such as: technical drawings, catwalk exit sketches, advertising and editorial images, shots by world-class photographers. 


The final part of the exhibition is a captivating presentation of video footage from the most important fashion shows (1978 to 2007), which makes the shirts on display come alive.